Jason Morris



Information Technology and Information Assurance visionary leadership.


Project Manager

Leader of technology projects spanning the globe. Life-saving data collection capabilities successfully employed.

Technical Savvy

Well versed in database technology, MS Sharepoint, and numerous programming languages.

Information Assurance

Proven ability to secure and maintain sensitive data. Security clearance information available on request.


  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Java
  • MySQL, ORACLE, Derby
  • Ruby/Rails
  • OS X/Android Mobile Apps
  • Swift/Javascript
  • Linux Bash Shell

Certifications &

  • DoD Program Management
  • DoD Systems Engineering
  • DoD Operational Test
  • Comptia A+
  • Network Support Technician
  • Electronic Warfare Coordinator
  • Top Secret Security Clearance
  • Oracle Database Administration
  • Data Analytics


Virtual Warfare Network Center

Senior Exercise Director


Manages USAF Virtual Warfare programs from cradle to grave. Develops global relationships with stakeholders, partners with commercial and government entities to produce training exercises. Captures unit training requirements, translates requirements into technology and network capabilities, plans, coordinates, secures funding, and executes virtual reality training exercises using Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) IEEE standards. Typical exercises include over 300 participants in various countries using heterogeneous simulation systems. Ensures all networks and exercises comply with NIST Information Assurance standards. Manages project team members/stakeholders from federal, state, and private agencies. Instituted AGILE/SCRUM methodologies to bring projects to win-win-win situations.  3 direct reports, 45 indirect reports, over 1200 personnel led during program execution.  Position Level: Lieutenant Colonel (GS-14). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, SQL, MS SQL, Microsoft Sharepoint.

Information Systems/Networks Program Management



Managed a portfolio of computer information system programs for the E-3 AWACS combat aircraft fleet. Programs managed included software updates, hardware updates, network design, information security controls implementation, and communications system improvements. Member of cybersecurity working group for AWACS 40/45 program.  Set JTIDS datalink future architecture standards as member of JTIDS steering group for Air Combat Command.  Ensured US Government, military and civil corporate requirements were identified and met to ensure win-win-win solutions. Provided US Congress information on capabilities and future developments for strategic planning. Led 33 person team for new technology adoption across 2000 member unit. Instituted procedures and policies to support information assurance objectives and life-critical information system performance. Advised leadership on new technology directions, risks and mitigation tasks.  2 direct reports, 30 indirect reports affecting thousands of users.  Position Level: Lieutenant Colonel (GS-14). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, SQL, MS SQL, Microsoft Sharepoint.

Technology Requirements



Charged with E-3 combat aircraft fleet technology management. Instituted program management techniques for life-critical software development, as well as development of IP based satellite communications capacity. Rolled out initial Apple IPAD network infrastructure and application roll out for in flight use. Operationally tested mission planning software for use by aircrew members for combat and training operations. Provided life saving sensor surveillance, and communications links for downed aircraft. Supported rescue attempts through data capture, communication, and data link capacity over the crash site.  6 direct reports, 500 indirect reports.  Position Level: Lieutenant Colonel (GS-14). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, SQL.

Communications Network Provider



Entrusted with unique communications hardware/software systems providing communications capacity for combat patrols and logistics convoys. Set up transmission site locations, identified line of sight obstructions and instituted mitigation techniques. Provided maintenance, usage metrics, and communicated with leadership on mission success and failures. Met communications goals by 110%, providing the customer with life-saving communications. Managed personnel schedules, health care, morale, professional development, and equipment/site security.  35 direct reporting personnel.  Position Level: Major (GS-13). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, SQL, Wireshark.

Signals Analysis

Deputy Commander


Deputy Commander for Afghanistan Electronic Warfare unit defeating Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices. Managed logistics, installation, and software upgrades for thousands of vehicle mounted jamming systems. Provided electronic signals identification and field research using spectrum analysis. Deconflicted signals and improved signal transmission accuracy. Developed database for detection of changes within the electromagnetic spectrum. Provided airborne signals intercept and interpretation. Sought broadcast signals for local information broadcasts.  5 direct reports, 20 indirect reports.  Position Level: Major (GS-13). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, SQL, MS SQL, TSQL.

Information System Development & Operational Testing

Director of Operations


Led Boeing partnership for development of combat data management and information systems with supporting communication networks. Directly integrated with engineering staff to identify requirements and evaluate solutions subsequently fielded. Solutions consisted of IP based over the air communications in the UHF frequency band, as well as satellite based communication systems. Constructed overhaul of graphical user interface, bringing time critical information to the user in an intuitive interface. Developed test plan, communicated to leadership and executed data link networks and hardware testing to ensure end product met customer requirements.  3 direct reports, 24 indirect reports.  Position Level: Major (GS-13). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, ASP.net, SQL, Oracle, JAVA, HTML, Javascript.

NATO Flying Training Program Lead



Led international partnership of countries for training and development of international participants. Spearheaded training of international partners. Produced technical documentation and training documentation for training of international partners in use of information systems and data networks. Developed Oracle database application in the APEX framework for use in scheduling assets and tracking training. Provided a MS Access database solution for tracking of training documentation review process. Cascaded technical updates through training and technical documents through database usage. Hand selected to participate in operational testing of new information systems for airborne battle management using the Tactical Display Framework (TDF).  4 direct reports, over 200 indirect reports.  Position Level: Captain/Major (GS-12/13). Major Software Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Server, SQL, Oracle APEX, HTML, Javascript.

Operational Leader



Headed 70 person team executing various USAF global missions.  Provided data analysis/statistics on training completion rates, training application feedback, and combat qualifications.  Ensured manning quotas met for 24/7 operations capacity.  70 direct reports, 120 indirect reports. Applications and Languages Used: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Server, SQL, Oracle APEX, HTML, Javascript.

Operational Systems Instructor

Senior Director


Instructed and led air battale managers in employment of combat data links, radar data interpretation and basic leadership development.  Organized teams and projects for expedient completion.  5 direct reports, 32 indirect reports.

International Battle Management Systems Liaison



Partnered with NATO countries in completion of global combat missions.
Provided training to Royal Saudi Air Force personnel in development of their air battle management systems.  3 direct reports.

Lead Scholarship Recruiter



Outreach program to bring in new US Air Force officers.  Visited over 200 high school campuses, provided data analytics on numbers of applicants and scholarship success rates.  Ensured targeted scholarship funds through data analysis and modeling.  1 direct report.


University of Maryland University College - College Park, Maryland

Masters of Science in Information Technology Database Focus  GPA: 3.7

Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas

Bachelors of Science in Agriculture


Information Available on Request

Jason Morris — contact@jasonmorris.it — (253) - 651-8736